Fun videos help develop baby’s fundamental movement skills

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Fun videos help develop baby’s fundamental movement skills

Your baby can start developing physical literacy pretty much from the time she’s born. It’s up to you to help make sure she does. These videos, featuring Margaret Wallis-Duffy from Wallis for Wellness, demonstrate fun movements you can do to get your baby physically active.

Criss-cross applesauce

Take one of your baby’s hands and the opposite foot in each of your hands. Cross and meet his elbow and knee at the chest, going back and forth a couple of times, then stretch the limbs out. Switch limbs.

1, 2, 3, 4, stretch

Take your baby’s ankles and cross them over her body. Bring the right over the left and vice versa in order to stimulate both sides of the brain. Repeat four times, then stretch the legs out.

So baby big

Hold your baby’s arms by his wrists, spread them way up above his head, then bring them across his chest like he’s hugging himself. Be sure to alternate the top arm each time.


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