A week’s worth of healthy school lunch ideas

A week’s worth of healthy school lunch ideas

This post was updated on August 16, 2021.

A big part of having healthy, happy kids who want to be active is also having the right kind of fuel for their growing bodies. And as another back-to-school season approaches, so does making school lunches. As much as I find packing lunches for three kids day after day a bit of a pain at times, I also look at it as an opportunity to fill them up with lots of different healthy snacks.

So before your kids head off to school, here are a few great snack ideas you can choose from to make sure your children have a colourful and nutritious lunch. (Plus a treat or two for good measure!) Feel free to mix and match items from this week-long meal plan to make it your own.



  • Chicken miso soup
  • Pita wedges & hummus
  • Grapes
  • Cucumber sticks and bell pepper slices




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  1. My kids will eat most of this. Exposure to whole foods early on is key. I do know kids that wouldn’t eat most of this, but they usually eat kraft dinner, processed food and snacks full of sugar.

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