Animal friends activity

Animal Friends


  • No equipment required


  1. Either indoors or outdoors, pretend to be different animals with your child.
  2. Flap your arms like bird wings and “fly” around obstacles.
  3. Hop on all fours like a frog, and say “Ribbit-ribbit-ribbit”.
  4. Hop on two legs with feet together, and pretend to be kangaroos.
  5. Bend your knees, walk with your legs far apart, and swing your arms like chimpanzees.
  6. Walk on feet and hands and pretend to be a reptile.
  7. Walk on hands and knees and pretend to be kittens saying “meow”.
  8. Slide on the floor or ground and pretend to be snakes saying “hiss”.
  9. Invent other animal ideas and noises.


  • Ask your child to suggest an animal that you can both imitate


This activity develops coordination and balance as kids try to imitate the movements of different animals.


  • Skill: Balance
  • 15 minutes
  • Suggested age: 1 - 6 years