Share AfL materials free of charge

Active for Life’s purpose is to spread the message about the importance of physical literacy to as many people as possible. Because of this, we are happy for you to share original articles and original visual resources from our website free of charge, we just ask that you follow a few guidelines.

Please note that AfL original visual resources are identified with an AfL logo and DO NOT INCLUDE article photos.

As well, changes to articles or visual resources are not permitted without express written consent from the Active for Life editors.

Conditions to reprint, republish, reuse

Organizations wishing to share content from the Active for Life website must agree to:

  • Inform us in advance which article(s) will be used and in what format (online, in print, newsletter, etc.) before they are posted or published.
  • Retain the original article’s byline (e.g., By Jim Grove).
  • Include an intro or a couple of paragraphs from the article, followed by a “Read more” link that takes the reader to the original article on the AfL website. (This is to avoid duplication of content).
  • Insert this credit line below visual resources:
    • Active for Life is a national initiative created to help parents raise physically literate children. At, parents, educators, and coaches will find fun activities, engaging articles, and free resources to get kids active, healthy, and happy.
  • Agree to remove AfL’s content and/or visual resources from your site immediately if requested by us.
  • If you can, please insert the Active for Life logo somewhere on the newsletter or visual resource page. If possible, have the logo link back to our website. To ensure you are using the correct version of the logo, please download the logo file directly from our website, not from a Google image search or other sources.
  • If you can, please add our name or logo to the “Supporters” or “Partners” page on your website, if there is such a page.

Contact our editorial team if you have any questions.