Movement skills

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Sit up and look 2-8 months

This activity helps your baby to develop basic upper body movements, visual acuity, and core strength with balance. Sit with your baby on your lap, sitting upright and facing forward like you. Point at different things that are happening (children playing, cars driving, birds singing, rain falling, etc.) and talk to your baby about what you're seeing.

Seated ball play 1-3 years

Sit on the floor opposite your child with you legs spread apart in a “V” shape (sit on your knees if kneeling is more comfortable). Have your child sit the same way facing you, then roll the ball back and forth. This game helps your toddler to develop fine motor control and hand-eye coordination.

Peek-a-boo 1-3 years

Sit with your toddler and play peek-a-boo by hiding your face behind your hands. Once your toddler knows the game, encourage them to use their hands and lead the play. Progress to hiding behind furniture (indoor) or trees and shrubs (outdoor) and moving in and out of hiding while saying “Peek-a-boo!”

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