Balloon batting activity

Balloon Batting


  • Indoor space free of obstacles and valuable breakables such as lamps, pictures and plants
  • Large round balloon
  • Empty cardboard tube from wrapping paper


  1. Inflate the balloon until it is relatively hard.
  2. Show your toddler how to hit the balloon around the room with the cardboard tube.
  3. Allow your toddler to have fun hitting the balloon around the room in any manner they like.

    TIP: You don’t need to “coach” any batting or hitting technique.


  • If you have two cardboard tubes, try to take turns hitting the balloon to each other while keeping the balloon in the air.


This activity develops hand-eye coordination and timing while using a simple bat (i.e., striking tool). These skills also transfer to striking with a racquet or stick.


  • Skill: Strike
  • 10 minutes
  • Suggested age: 2 - 5 years