How to make hiking with your toddler easy and fun for everyone

Allowing toddlers the freedom to move on trails helps them develop skills in leaps and bounds. Why is that? Walking on uneven and varied surfaces outdoors helps toddlers develop balance, strength, and coordination.

Baby’s first birthday party: How to make it an event to remember

It’s your baby’s first birthday and what a year it has been! From a babe in arms, your baby has moved from tummy time to rolling over, from crawling to sitting without support, and maybe even walking. Make your party a success by limiting your own stress. Keep it simple and enjoy the fact that you’ve been a fantastic parent for a whole year!

The importance of active play in the early years

Between infancy and early school age, children are developing in countless ways. Research has established that active play plays an essential role in children’s physical and psychosocial health. It has been shown to promote cognitive development, and early math skills and school readiness have been linked to the types of fine motor and perceptual skills that are typically developed through active play.

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The benefits of being physically active *

blue happy face icon

Increased self-esteem and happiness

blue A+ higher test scores icon40%

Higher test scores

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Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes

blue dollar sign icon7-8%

Higher annual earnings

Learn about physical literacy
* Adapted from Aspen Institute Sport for All - Play for Life: A Playbook to Get Every Kid in the Game