River Leap

River Leap


  • Open outdoor space with soft grass
  • Two long skipping ropes or lengths of ribbon


  1. Stretch out two ropes or lengths of ribbon on the ground.
  2. Use the ropes or ribbons to form a single large “V” with a 1 metre space at the bottom of the “V”.
  3. The space between the two ropes or ribbons is the river.
  4. Take turns running and leaping over the river.
  5. Start by leaping at the narrow part of the river, and then try to leap wider parts.

    TIP: Show your child how to take off with one foot and land with two feet while bending the knees.


  • Pretend there are crocodiles in the river – if you fall in the river, roll around on the grass and pretend you are wrestling a crocodile!
  • If your child always takes off with one foot, make sure they practice taking off with the other foot as well


This activity develops dynamic balance, coordination, rhythm, and timing required for any and all sports and activities that involve a running jump (e.g., basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, track and field, gymnastics).


  • Skill: Jump
  • 10 minutes
  • Suggested age: 4 - 12 years