A boy throws a frisbee outdoors in a park.

How to play Ultimate Frisbee with your kids

Competitive and playful, challenging, and sometimes ridiculous. There is no sport that compares to the unique dynamics of Ultimate Frisbee.

The rules of Ultimate are simple, and can be compared to a cross between soccer and basketball.

Here’s the Ultimate overview:

Teams are made up of seven players, often a co-ed split that includes at least three females.

  • Each team has an end zone.
  • The goal of the game is to catch the disc (Frisbee) in the other team’s end zone to score a point.
  • The game ends when the first team gets to 15 points.
  • Once a player catches the disc, they are not able to move with the disc.
  • They must keep one foot on the ground as a pivot point.
  • They then have 10 seconds to throw the disc to another player on their team.
  • Ultimate is not a contact sport.
  • There are no referees in Ultimate, the players govern their own conduct and “make calls” that affect the play.

The sport of Ultimate helps develop and build on many fundamental physical skills

  • spatial awareness
  • balance and proprioception
  • hand-eye coordination
  • multi-sensory processing

One of the best parts of the game is that it requires almost no equipment. “Just add Frisbee” and you’ve got yourself instant access to an amazing game. Ultimate is cheap, versatile, and easily accessible to kids of all ages and physical abilities.

9 responses to “How to play Ultimate Frisbee with your kids

  1. I have been wanting to pursue Ultimate Frisbee for a while now, and I’ve been needing a refresher on the rules since basically everyone around me doesn’t really care about Ultimate very much, more of either football, baseball or soccer nerds. This was helpful, thank you!

  2. The high school that my son attends has an ultimate ???? frisbee team. He has played for 2 years and LOVES it. It’s a good sport to participate in as it requires NO special equipment.

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