A mother and her young daughter hike in the woods together.

Here’s why I’ll be pulling my kids out of school more often as the weather warms up

It’s a regular Monday morning, but instead of getting my kids ready for school, I’m shuffling them, bleary-eyed, into the car at 5 a.m. to head to the airport. 

They’ll be missing a week of school—where they’re currently working on long division, states of matter, and decoding CVC words, respectively. But on our family vacation, they’ll be gaining invaluable experiences: swimming in cenotes, surfing, and learning about another culture. Both are important, and that’s why we make time for both. Here’s what we love about missing school occasionally.

Nature connection is a family value

One of the main reasons I’m pulling my kids out of school more often as the weather warms up is to allow them to connect with nature. The outdoors provide an invaluable classroom where they can learn about the environment, ecosystems, and the delicate balance of nature in a hands-on way. Whether it’s a trip to a local park, a hike through a nature reserve, or even a day spent gardening, these experiences offer practical lessons that can’t be replicated within four walls.

Access to educational spaces (minus the crowds and the cost)

We value our family’s public education, but we also value time spent exploring with hands-on learning (especially when it means no crowds at places like the science centre or having access to the best campground location on a weekday). It’s so fun to explore these incredible spaces when they’re less crowded. It’s also usually cheaper. Weekday admission to many places is lower than weekends and holidays.

A father, mother, and their three young kids explore the outdoors together. The father carries the youngest child in a backpack.

We tried homeschooling, but it was too much

I love that homeschoolers have the freedom to visit amazing, educational spaces any day they choose, but when I tried homeschooling, I was burnt out, overwhelmed, and not the best version of myself. That’s why I’m so grateful to my child’s teacher for taking the reins of their education, so I can enjoy the fun parts more. I can deal with a few absences if it means we get a day to go to the science centre—and it feels special and fun. Or I can pull them out for an extra-long weekend to visit our capital city, and I’m thrilled to get that extra family time with them. 

Hustle culture isn’t what we want for our kids

I want my kids to know that as important as our regularly scheduled routine is, it’s equally important to enjoy life experiences when they come your way. There’s a delicate balance between valuing the important work they do during the school year and knowing that there will always be opportunities for mental health breaks and exciting family travel. Both are important. 

One-on-one time is hard to come by otherwise

With three kids and a busy schedule, sometimes it’s hard to pay one-on-one attention to our kids. We love picking one child up for lunch from school, taking them to their favourite restaurant, and giving them the afternoon off. It’s an easy way to make them feel special and have some much-needed connection time without any sibling squabbles. 

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