Preschool, elementary, & summer camp lesson plan units

Active for Life is pleased to offer the following ready-made teaching units for educators, caregivers, and program leaders who want to deliver a logical series of physical literacy lessons to children in their care.

With these modules, we’ve done the work for you. Simply find the age group for your children below, and then select the setting where you will deliver the lesson plan unit—school, after-school, summer camp, or preschool.

Before using the lesson plans above, please read our best practices for creating a positive learning environment and our skills tip sheet for leaders.

If you are building a physical literacy program or curriculum, you also might want to use these extra resources: Letter to parents regarding physical literacy program


The lesson plans and activities provided on this website are for educational purposes only. Physical activity is not without its risks and the activities provided on this website may result in injury. We disclaim any liability from and in connection with the activities provided on this website.

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