Would you like to introduce your users to Physical Literacy and great variety of articles from active for life? There are a few different ways to link to us.

  1. Copy this code to your site to embed the linked logo on your site (Note: this digital version of the Active for Life logo is 155 pixels wide and 35 pixels high):
    <script charset="utf-8" src="https://activeforlife.com/share-btn/afl.js"></script>
    new afl.widget().render();
  2. Or use the image above;
    • Right click on the Active for Life image above
    • Click to save image on your desktop or a file of your choosing
    • Go to your site’s content management system (WordPress, Drupal, Blogspot…etc)
    • Upload the image to your site
    • Attach the www.activeforlife.com link to the image (should be part of the upload process)
    • Place photo (you may be prompted to attach the link)
    • Save, you are all done!
  3. If those two ways don’t work, you can also:
    • Copy and paste the image to any of your pages
    • Place the www.activeforlife.com link below the image

If you are looking for a version of our logo for print, feel free to download this PDF vector version.

When you’re done, send us a note and let us know you’ve added our logo to your site.