Beach Ball Handball

Beach Ball Handball


  • Unobstructed wall with hard floor or pavement in front
  • Plastic beach ball 20-40 cm diameter that is very bouncy
  • Paper masking tape and string 4-5 metres long
  • Chalk


  1. If indoors (e.g. garage), create a 4-5 metre horizontal line on the wall using the piece of string. Hang it one metre above the floor and tape it every 1-2 metres.
  2. If outdoors (e.g. driveway), create a 4-5 metre horizontal line on the wall using long pieces of masking tape. Place it one metre above the pavement.
  3. Create a line on the floor 2-3 metres from the wall. If indoors, use masking tape. If outdoors, use masking tape or chalk.
  4. Hit the ball at the wall with the palm of the hand, using your hand like a tennis racquet.
  5. The ball must bounce off the wall on the line or above the line.
  6. One player “serves” from behind the line on the floor.
  7. The other player “returns” the serve from either side of the line.
  8. Play continues until one player misses a return.
  9. When a player misses, the other player restarts play with a new serve.
  10. Players can score a point only when they are the server.
  11. The ball can bounce once on the floor or pavement before a player hits a return.
  12. First player to 5 points wins.


  • Don’t keep score at first – simply challenge your child to return the ball as long as possible in a continuous “rally”
  • Make a game where you and your child are on the same team – count how many returns you can do in one rally – with each new rally, try to better your previous score
  • If you have more than one child, or more than one adult, try playing a fun family tournament where family members take turns playing each other


This activity develops hand-eye coordination and timing for striking a moving object. These skills also transfer to striking with a bat, racquet, or stick.


  • Skill: Strike
  • 30 minutes
  • Suggested age: 5 - 10 years