Float the pond activity

Float the pond


  • Open space, indoor or outdoor at least 3 X 10 metres
  • Two round pieces of paper


  1. Pretend the open space is a pond.
  2. The goal is to cross the pond by walking on your two lily pads.
  3. Begin by placing one lily pad on the “pond” and step onto it with one foot.
  4. While balancing on one lily pad with one foot, place the second lily pad in front.
  5. Step onto the second lily pad and balance on one foot again.
  6. Continue until you have crossed the entire “pond”.
  7. If you lose balance and fall into the “water,” pretend to swim up to your lily pad again by doing five jumping jacks, then continue crossing the pond.


  • Ask your child to think up a new scenario – for example, stepping between rocks over lava
  • Challenge your child to place the lily pad as far as possible in front of the other lily pad (longer steps)


This activity develops coordination and balance as kids have to constantly bend and balance on one foot.


  • Skill: Balance
  • 10 minutes
  • Suggested age: 4 - 8 years