Growing Flowers

Growing Flowers


  • Floor space or open space outdoors
  • Music (optional)


  1. Have your child find an open space on the floor or ground.
  2. Tell your child to crouch into a ball (“seed”).
  3. Tell your child to start “growing” like a flower. Rise up slowly and reach out with arms as if sprouting.
  4. Try different plant “actions”:

    The wind blows: sway and wave arms

    Plant gets thirsty: droop over forward

    Nighttime comes: close arms like petals closing

    The sun comes out: stretch arms upward

    Winter comes: crumble to ground

  5. Repeat as a different kind of flower, bush or tree.


  • If you have a group, some children can be gardeners who walk around and “water” the flowers – they must make sure the flowers continue to grow – the children who are flowers should bend if they go too long without water


This activity develops coordination and balance as kids try to imagine and imitate the movement of a flower as it grows and blossoms.


  • Skill: Balance
  • 10 minutes
  • Suggested age: 3 - 6 years