Jump Rope

Jump Rope


  • Open outdoor space
  • Jump rope or 4 metre standard nylon rope 6-12 mm diameter
  • Two people to turn the rope for the child
  • Or something to tie the rope to, and one person to turn the rope


  1. If there is one adult present, tie one end of the rope to a fence or piece of playground equipment.
  2. If there are two adults present, each holds one end of the rope.
  3. Swing the rope over the child’s head in a circular motion.
  4. Each time the rope touches the ground, your child must jump over it.
  5. The rope should be rotating steadily and consistently.
  6. Rotate the rope slowly for beginners.


  • Increase the speed of the rope rotation as the child masters the slower speeds
  • Jump rope with only one foot, alternating feet with each rope rotation
  • Turn 180 degrees with every jump


This activity develops dynamic balance, coordination, and rhythm required for sports and activities such as volleyball, tennis, badminton, and dance.


  • Skill: Jump
  • 15 minutes
  • Suggested age: 5 - 12 years