Kick Side Foot

Kick Side Foot


  • Open and flat outdoor space at least 5m by 10m
  • Soccer ball
  • 2 empty milk cartons, large yoghurt containers or other objects for goal posts


  1. In a flat, open outdoor space, place your 2 goalposts on the ground 1 metre apart.
  2. Parent stands 2-4 metres away from goal, and child stands 2-4 metres on other side facing.
  3. Show your child how to kick with the side of your foot.
  4. Start behind the ball and step forward to plant your standing foot 10-15cm away to one side of the ball.

    TIP: Make sure the toes of your standing foot are pointed at the goal.

  5. Follow by swinging your kicking foot, and contact the ball with the inner side of your foot.

    TIP: Shape your kicking leg like a hockey stick (foot turned outwards).

    TIP: Bend the knee of your standing leg a little, and also bend the knee of your kicking leg.

    TIP: Plant your standing leg beside the ball, 10-15cm away, with toes pointed at the goal.

  6. Pass the ball back and forth through the goal.

    TIP: Each time you receive a pass, stop the ball with the side of your foot. Raise your foot a bit off the ground.

  7. Try to pass through the goal each time. Shorten the distance if necessary for success.


  • As your child’s kicking improves, try keeping score as a team – count how many consecutive successful passes you can make together through the goal – if one of you misses, start a new count and try to improve your score.
  • Try to play one-touch passing – pass very softly from close distance, and each of you has to pass back without first stopping the ball (like tennis) – count how many consecutive passes you can make like this


This activity develops leg coordination, strength and fine motor control in the lower body. These skills transfer to sports and activities that involve kicking an object (e.g., soccer, football, martial arts).


  • Skill: Kick
  • 15 minutes
  • Suggested age: 3 - 12 years