River Bank

River Bank


  • Open space
  • Rope or line in the ground


  1. Find a line on the ground, or stretch out a rope on the ground.
  2. Designate one side of the rope or line to be the bank. The other side is the river.
  3. When the parent says “river,” the child must jump with both feet together to the river side, and vice versa for “bank.”
  4. Try to trick your child by saying “river” when they are already on the river side, or “bank” when they are on the bank side. They should not jump.
  5. Let your child have a turn calling “river” and “bank”.


  • Switch between “river” and “bank” faster and faster so that the game becomes more challenging
  • If you have a few players, make it an elimination game – eliminate players if they jump to the wrong side – continue until there is only one player left


This activity develops dynamic balance, coordination, mental focus, and reaction time required at older ages for a variety of sports and activities.


  • Skill: Jump
  • 10 minutes
  • Suggested age: 4 - 12 years