Soccer Indoor Mini Game

Soccer Indoor Mini Game


  • Indoor space without breakable objects.
  • Foam ball 15-20 cm diameter (available from most toy retailers).
  • Optional: Ball made from socks (stuff 2-3 pairs of socks inside each other).


  1. Clear a space for a mini-game field in a large living room, family room, empty garage, or wide hallway.
  2. Create simple goals using pillows, chairs, and other available objects as goal posts (2-metre goals).
  3. Play 2-versus-2 without goalkeepers if no adults are playing.
  4. Play 2-versus-1 if you have an older child with two younger children.
  5. Adjust the goals, the game field, or the teams to make it fair and fun.
  6. If adults want to play, add them as goalkeepers (who let many goals in).
  7. Adult goalkeepers are encouraged to let children score, without making it obvious.


  • If you have an odd number of players, you can play three-against-two, four-against-three, five-against-four, etc.
  • Move players between the two teams to balance the talent and ability as best as you can.
  • With good balancing, both teams will score goals, and that makes it fun for everyone playing.


This activity develops kicking, along with some ball dribbling.


  • Skill: Dribble, Kick
  • 20 minutes
  • Suggested age: 4 - 8 years