Soccer Outdoor Mini Game

Soccer Outdoor Mini Game


  • Outdoor grass space free of tripping and falling hazards.
  • Ball appropriate for the youngest players (if available): Size 3 for ages 4-6, size 4 for ages 7-10, size 5 for ages 11 and older.
  • Soft objects to use as goalposts: small backpacks, jackets, hats, soft plastic water bottles, etc.
  • No need for soccer shoes; regular running shoes are fine.


  1. Find an open grass space to establish a soccer field. No sidelines or end lines are needed.
  2. Assuming you are playing with only a few people (maybe 3-5 kids and adults per team), the area should be at least 25-40 steps wide and 30-50 steps long.
  3. Create simple goals using backpacks, jackets, hats, and other soft objects as goal posts (2-metre goals).
  4. Make adjustments to the goals, the game field, or the players on each team to make it fair and fun for both teams.
  5. If adults are playing, they should play as goalkeepers or focus on simply passing to the children on their team, so the children do the shooting and dribbling.
  6. Adults are encouraged to let children score, without making it obvious.
  7. No bodychecking, slide tackling, or other rough physical contact permitted.


  • If you have an odd number of players, you can play three-against-two, four-against-three, five-against-four, etc.
  • Move players between the two teams to balance the talent and ability as best as you can.
  • With good balancing, both teams will score goals, and that makes it fun for everyone playing.


This activity develops kicking, along with some ball dribbling.


  • Skill: Dribble, Kick
  • 20 minutes
  • Suggested age: 4 - 12 years