Tennis Ball Bounce Catch


  • Open outdoor space
  • Tennis ball


  1. In a large open area with pavement, gently play catch with your child using a tennis ball.
  2. Start by playing catch with simple underhand tosses from 2-4 metres.
  3. As your child becomes confident in catching the tennis ball, increase distance to 5-8 metres and toss the tennis ball so it bounces 1-2 metres in front of your child.
  4. Catch the tennis ball after it has bounced once.


  • Increase the distance and speed of your throws as your child shows more confidence and consistency in catching
  • You can also try overhand throws for more speed and distance


This activity develops hand-eye coordination, fine motor control, and the ability to track moving objects in the air. These skills transfer to sports and activities that involve flying objects (e.g., balls, shuttlecocks, frisbees, ribbons, sticks, batons).


  • Skill: Catch
  • 20 minutes
  • Suggested age 6-12 years