Toddler Jumping

Toddler Jumping


  • Outdoor space with natural and man-made obstacles
  • Playground equipment may be suitable
  • Sidewalks, benches and low garden walls are good


  1. When walking outside with your toddler, find simple structures such as park benches and low garden walls 30-50cm high.
  2. Encourage your toddler to climb onto these low structures and jump down.
  3. Hold your toddler’s hands at all times.


  • Show your toddler how to jump over cracks in the sidewalk, garden hoses on the ground, etc.


This activity develops dynamic balance and coordination required for any and all sports and activities that involve jumping and landing (e.g., basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, track and field, gymnastics).


  • Skill: Jump
  • 10 minutes
  • Suggested age: 1 - 3 years