Toddler stair climbing activity

Toddler Stair Climbing


  • Staircase (indoor or outdoor)
  • Preferably non-slip stairs


  1. After your toddler has been walking for 5-6 months, practice walking up and down stairs together.
  2. Hold your toddler’s hands, and help them to walk up and down small sets of stairs (4-8 treads).
  3. Never let go of your toddler’s hands. Be prepared to support them at any moment.


  • When your toddler arrives at the “top” stair, encourage them to turn on their own. Continue to hold their hands.


This activity develops dynamic balance in preparation for all walking and running activities at older ages.


  • Skill: Balance
  • 10 minutes
  • Suggested age: 1 - 3 years