Younger sister and older brother stand on the sidewalk of a residential neighbourhood and play with hula hoops

100+ outdoor play activities for kids

Fresh air. Sunshine. Loads of space to explore. There’s just nothing like the outdoors for play time! And because kids can sometimes use a little encouragement to get started with their imaginative play, we’ve compiled all of our best ideas for outside. From games and activities to good old scavenger hunts, here are over 100 outdoor play ideas for your little ones.

20 outdoor sensory play activities for young children

Two siblings stand in front a tree, feeling its bark

Everything your child needs for engaging sensory play can be found outside! Here’s a list of fun outdoor sensory play activities to invite your young child to try out. And be sure to print off the scavenger hunt page for some extra outdoor exploration. Read it here.

A printable list of easy ideas for an active summer

Three kids kicking a soccer ball around in the park

We’ve grouped all of these fun ideas together with themes such as Animal Friends, Exploring, Nature Lovers, and more to add a little more creativity to your days. While it’s designed for summer, most of these can be done in almost any season outside. Read it here.

25 camping activities to keep kids happy, active, and engaged

Brother and sister sit on a hammock, smiling at each other

Camping is a wonderful opportunity to slow down, unplug, and reconnect with your child. It’s also a great opportunity to be active and explore nature together. These 25 fun camping activities will help you and your child make wonderful memories on your next camping adventure. Read it here.

8 Summer Olympics-themed sports games for young kids

A girl and her father chase after a soccer ball, laughing

The Olympic Games are inspirational for everyone in the family to watch. So why not take part in some Olympics-themed fun of your own at home? Here are eight ways you can bring the Olympic spirit to your own backyard. You can play these games with your family or use these suggestions as a starting point to plan a Summer Olympics-themed sports day in your neighbourhood! Read it here.

20+ nature activities for kids

Little girl picks up stones and pinecones on the ground and puts them into a toy truck

While some of these activities can technically be done indoors, they’re best when taken outside into nature! If you’re looking for new ways to help your child connect with nature, try these creative and explorative nature play activities with your family. Hopefully, you’ll all have fun, relax, and maybe even learn something new as you stay connected to the wild. Read it here.

One piece of chalk, 8 active games

Family plays hopscotch outdoors, with one child cheering with her arms above her head

There are myriad ways that chalk can be used as the basis of active games for your children! Grab a box of chalk, find a safe spot in a driveway, a schoolyard, or on a sidewalk, and prepare to have fun with your kids with these eight game ideas. Read them here.

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