Athletics Canada and Active for Life join forces for physical literacy

Athletics Canada and Active for Life join forces for physical literacy

In a new partnership, Active for Life and Athletics Canada aim to improve the access of Canadian children to quality physical activity experiences. Part of the cooperative effort is a web page with information about physical literacy, running, and long-term athlete development.

Rob Guy is the chief executive officer of Athletics Canada. “Formalizing a partnership with Active for Life sends a strong and important message about the value and importance of a physically literate and active population,” he said.

“We look forward to working with a like-minded organization to affect positive change in the lives of millions of Canadians through Athletics Canada’s first contact programs, and Active for Life’s resources, content, and supporters.”

Athletics Canada coordinates track, field, and running programs across the country. Every year there are hundreds of thousands of people who participate in road races and other running events, and together the two organizations will work to educate runners about the benefits of physical literacy.

The Run Jump Throw Wheel program that is central to Athletics Canada philosophy helps children learn fundamental movement skills and develop physical literacy through track and field activities and games.

“We are excited to partner with Athletics Canada to promote the facts that physical literacy and the long term athlete development model are better for kids across the country,” said Richard Monette, who leads the Active for Life initiative.

“We will share with Athletics Canada what we have learned about engaging parents and coaches,” said Monette. “Our objective is to help create a more positive sport experience for all kids.”

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