Canadian elite athletes promote physical literacy for kids

Canadian elite athletes promote physical literacy for kids

Physical literacy refers to when kids have developed the skills, confidence, and love of movement to be physically active throughout their lives.

It is essential for kids to develop physical literacy when they are young so that they can start that active journey early.

Some of our most physically literate friends — beloved Canadian athletes — volunteered to help spread this message far and wide.

You’ll recognize some faces, like Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, who understand and represent what it means to be physically literate.

Behind the scenes at the video shoot, these Olympic skiers, snowboarders, and figure skaters were having a blast playing frisbee, hula hooping, juggling, running, jumping, and doing gymnastic flips.

Not everyone will grow up to be an Olympic athlete, but everyone can develop the necessary skills to share the same love of movement.

You can help more Canadian children grow up to be happy, healthy, active, and confident just by sharing this video and spreading the word to all parents and parents-to-be.

2 responses to “Canadian elite athletes promote physical literacy for kids

  1. I like your message about physical literacy, but according to Margaret Whitehead physical literacy is a life long journey. Your article makes it sound like you learn it and voila done. There are stages and skills to physical literacy and the goal of being about to move competently in the air, on snow, in water and on the ground. Check out the Sport for Life visuals

    1. Hi Lisa. Thanks for your comment. Our target audience is parents of young children. Our PSA focuses on engaging that specific audience using a few simple concepts rather than the full spectrum of concepts associated with physical literacy. As well, we can share that Richard Way the CEO of S4L has reviewed the PSA, approved it, and has included it in his presentations.

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