Pure Instinct is a fun new sport that can help kids develop physical literacy

Pure Instinct is a fun new sport that can help kids develop physical literacy

We are so exited to introduce Canada to a brand new sport called Pure Instinct. Combining the skills of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby, handball, Gaelic football, and Australian rules football, it’s already caught on in Quebec. Not only is it pure fun, but Pure Instinct enhances players’ decision-making abilities, teamwork skills, and sportsmanship with opponents.

The fast-paced, no-contact sport was created by Dominique Soucy of Quebec City. The goal is simple: Cross the field while carrying the ball without dropping it or getting touched by a defender.

There are a few other rules that you can learn more about from this video, but the combination of movement skills required to play is what makes Pure Instinct different from any other sport. Imagine a game where your child is the player, coach, and referee. This is Pure Instinct. Players have the unique opportunity to play all positions, make decisions for themselves, and demonstrate honesty by respecting the rules. Pure Instinct is more than just a team sport, it’s an education.

We love Pure Instinct and we think the rest of Canada will love it, too. It’s the perfect game to learn in physical education classes and we hope to see more and more schools adding it to the curriculum. If you want your child to be able to try it and maybe even teach you how to play, let their phys ed teacher know about Pure Instinct today.

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