Tissue dance

Tissue dance

Most parents are familiar with the scenario whereby a child opens a large present and then ends up being more entertained by the box it came in. Kids can appreciate the joy of playing with mundane objects. All they need for this fun activity is a tissue.

The tissue dance is also a go-to game for when kids’ physical activity options become limited by winter weather.


The tissue dance is most fun when played in a group of at least four or five but can work with any number of participants.

All you’ll need to run a tissue dance in your home is one tissue per child, open space (like a living room carpet) and music. Choose something fun that your kids enjoy.

How to play

Every child places a tissue on his or her head. As the music starts, the children begin dancing. Parents should encourage as much movement as possible.

The goal is for the children to keep the tissues on their heads as they dance. If it falls off, the child can grab it and place it back on his or her head, but if it touches the ground, the child is out.

The last child left dancing wins!

One response to “Tissue dance

  1. I used see-through scarves from Goodwill,etc. when I taught preschoolers. The kids could see where they were, could blow on them and keep them in the air, twirl with them, hold onto each others’ scarves and form a circle, jump over them, toss them up in the air, and on and on and on. We could have music or not.
    I like the dance because there is a finish to it.

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