A printable recipe for an active day

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A printable recipe for an active day

Whether your kids spend summer at camp, at home, or at the cottage, one thing is for sure: Summertime is ideal for moving your body and developing movement skills.

This doesn’t mean your kids need to be enrolled in a specialty sports camp. Weeding the garden, tidying up toys, going on bike rides, and climbing trees are all healthy ways to move.

Share with your kids this printout that provides a recipe for an active day. Get them thinking consciously about how they move their body during the day and for how long.

By no means should this resource take the spontaneity out of playing. It’s just a way to help kids think about balanced movement the same way you help them think about eating a balanced meal.

Because just like eating every colour in the rainbow is nutritious, mixing up the way we move our bodies is also healthy for us.

Print out your copy, review with your kids, and see if they can change it up from day to day!

And, if you like designing a healthy day full of activity, try Participaction’s new “Build your best day” interactive experience.

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