A mother and her two young sons play soccer together on a grassy field.

Add activity to your day with this free printable

Just like eating every colour in the rainbow is nutritious, mixing up the way we move our bodies is also healthy for us.

It’s not complicated, and kids don’t have to be signed up for lots of programs or private coaching in order to develop all the skills they need. Weeding the garden, tidying up toys, jumping in piles of leaves, going on bike rides, and climbing trees are all healthy ways to move.

Share with your kids this printable that provides a recipe for an active day. Get them thinking consciously about how they move their body during the day and for how long. By no means should this resource take the spontaneity out of playing. It’s just a way to help kids think about balanced movement the same way you help them think about eating a balanced meal.

Print out your copy, review with your kids, and see if they can change it up from day to day!

Recipe for an active year printable

2 responses to “Add activity to your day with this free printable

  1. Hi,
    I am impressed with thé idéa on keeping the kids active. I would like to start something similar in Kenya and I need your help on how to help me implementing this idea here.
    We have many different clubs on specific sports but not multi sports.
    Thank you for your kind reply.


  2. It is a great sources for physical literacy you developed in Canada, but I like to copy abd use it for us indonesia in the same movement, can i get the pdf matetial by email. Thank you
    Best regards
    Iskandar zulkarnain MD, MS
    Sport Adviser for Indonesia Sport for All Federation

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