Brother and sister play Twister on the floor in their house.

Active board games for kids

Board games are a fun way to boost family bonding time, but it’s not always easy for kids to sit still for board game night. From classics like Twister to more unique options like Throw Throw Burrito, these active board games will have the whole family moving and laughing together.

Twister (ages 5+)

Whether your own memories of Twister are silly, fun, or awkward, this classic game is popular for a reason. With a simple premise that’s easy for kids to follow, your family will pull out this go-to game again and again to connect, laugh, and move together. Bonus: If you have younger kids who are just learning their colours, you can use the Twister board to teach them in an active way. Just roll out your Twister game and make your own toddler-friendly version of it (example: hop to blue like a bunny!).

Throw Throw Burrito (ages 7+)

Do you ever feel like copying your toddler and throwing your entire meal across the room? Now’s your chance to toss a burrito, guilt-free. While this is a card game, there’s plenty of opportunity for movement (and laughter!) as your family goes through the rounds and plays burrito dodgeball. While this game is funny and silly, it’s definitely for kids seven and up. Yes, it’s a game that involves throwing a squishy burrito at each other, but it still has instructions and rules. 

Yoga Spinner (ages 5+)

This yoga game is pretty self-explanatory. You flick the spinner and see which type of pose it lands on, then choose a card from the corresponding pile. If you can hold the pose for 10 seconds, you get to keep the card. The first person to collect a pose card in every colour wins the game. Kids love the novelty of the spinner and the challenge of holding poses for 10 seconds. Adults will love that everyone gets to move their bodies in a feel-good way!

Kids on Stage (ages 3+)

It’s so fun to see how little ones interpret the cards in this kid-friendly charades game. The premise is simple. Spin the spinner, move your game piece to the corresponding colour on the board, and then use your acting skills to represent the action, animal, or object pictured on the card. The major bonus being that you don’t actually need to read the cards—the pictures are clear, making this accessible to the pre-reading crowd. It’s a blast to play (and SO funny to see the things the kids come up with!).

Duck Duck Dance (ages 2+)

When it comes to family game night, the littlest family members can sometimes feel confused or left out. But this adorable game makes sure toddlers get a chance to play too. Four extra-large dice display eight funky and simple dance moves (think spin, hop, and wiggle). Players imitate the adorable ducks to find out which animals are in the audience. It’s simple, short, and sweet—and perfect for your own little duck!

Hedbanz (ages 7+)

This fun family game poses a simple question: What am I? But sometimes the most simple premise makes for the most fun. For starters, kids love picking out their own headband, with plenty of unique options like a pirate, a cat, or Frankenstein’s monster. Then, the game begins. Which card is on their headband? Which is on yours? What hints will your kiddo give you to help you guess that you’re a soccer ball? And how will you let them know that they are, in fact, an ice-cream cone? Let the games begin!

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