Coaching Association of Canada partners with Active for Life in promoting physical literacy

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has a stated mission to “enhance the experiences of all Canadian athletes through quality coaching.” To that end, they are partnering with Active for Life to communicate the importance of physical literacy and long-term athlete development (LTAD).

“Coaches play a pivotal role in developing athletes as well as influencing parents to understand the impact of physical literacy in a child’s development,” said Lorraine Lafrenière, chief executive of the CAC.

“Working with leading organizations such as AfL creates a powerful opportunity to reverse the negative health trend in Canadian children.”

Active for Life has created a CAC web page with articles particularly relevant to coaches, to help them learn about physical literacy and also to help them educate the parents they work with.

Richard Monette heads up the AfL initiative. “We are very excited to partner with the Coaching Association of Canada to spread the word that physical literacy and the long term athlete development model are better for all kids in Canada,” said Monette. “CAC is the national expert in coaching development in Canada. Each year they train thousands of coaches at the grassroots.”

“We will help and support the CAC by sharing what we have learned about engaging parents and coaches,” said Monette. “The objective is to help create a better sport experience for all kids.”

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