Cutting PE from schools hurts kids in more ways than one

Cutting PE from schools hurts kids in more ways than one

A recent article by the New York Times editorial board highlights a disturbing, yet growing, trend across schools in North America. As parents and educators turn up the academic pressure on kids, cuts are being made to make sure they have more time in the classroom.

Which means your child is spending less time playing outside, less time in phys ed class, and overall getting less physical activity during their day. Yet studies show that physical activity improves academic performance. So removing active time from the schedule in favour of desk time is illogical. And it’s hurting our kids.

Do you know how much physical activity your child gets while they are at school? Many parents may believe that their kids are getting close to the recommended 60 minutes during the day, but too often this is not the case.

A little digging might reveal that your child is moving less than you think and that means it’s time to:

  1. make sure your child is active outside of school hours, or
  2. advocate for more physical activity at school, or
  3. all of the above.

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