This dribbling activity teaches basic bouncing, enhances eye-hand coordination

This dribbling activity teaches basic bouncing, enhances eye-hand coordination

Believe it or not, dribbling is a multi-sport skill. It may play a prominent role in basketball, but dribbling is much more than pounding the hardwood.

Our dribbling activity teaches basic bouncing skills, enhances eye-hand coordination and instills good listening skills, all important fundamentals for team sports. Grab your child’s favourite ball, find a wide-open space and let the learning begin.

  1. Go outside to your favourite play area. Pavement produces the best bounce.
  2. Pick a size appropriate ball for your child (the smaller the ball, the more difficult the activity). You’ll also need a ball.
  3. Begin the warm-up by letting your child bounce the ball however they please. They may surprise you with what they already know!
  4. Once they’re in the bouncing mood, it’s time to begin. Show them a two-handed bounce. Both hands should come into contact with the ball at the same time.
  5. Then demonstrate a right handed and left handed bounce. Depending on whether your child is left or right handed, one of the bounces will present more of a challenge.
  6. Practice all three bounces.
  7. Once they’ve learned all three dribbles, have them mirror the leader (that’s you!) When you bounce, they bounce. Call out what bounce you want them to use: two-handed, left, or right.

For added difficulty

Change the size of the ball


Challenge your child to not look at the ball while bouncing

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