On a grassy outdoor field, a coach and three of his young athletes put their hands together for a cheer.

This free resource makes it easier for coaches to navigate mental health challenges

When kids are involved in sport and activity, it can be good for their mental health. We know that children who are active and move regularly are healthier, happier, and more successful in life.

However, we also know that sometimes athletes experience issues with their mental health, including children. It’s not only important for parents to be aware and involved in the physical and mental health of their children, but it’s also important for coaches to play a part. Coaches at all levels are integral to the lives of athletes, and they’re ideally positioned to promote good mental health.

The Coaching Association of Canada has launched a resource designed to help coaches do just that. The Mental Health and Sport Resource Hub gathers up-to-date, culturally informed, and evidence-based resources in one place, making it easier for coaches, athletes, and other members of the sport community to navigate mental health challenges. 

The hub aims to “overcome stigma and guide conversations about mental health.” With everything from articles and infographics to learning modules, videos, and workbooks, all completely free and available online, this portal offers a wide variety of training and resources to help coaches in the community “develop mental health literacy and positive coaching practices to improve performance and well-being in sport.”

Find out more and browse all the resources here.

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