Indoor activities for winter

Indoor activities for winter

As Canadian parents know, playing in the snow isn’t always as romantic as it sounds. Freezing temperatures can take the fun out of play, and even in the summer months, heat waves and humidity can make sending kids outside unwise. Thankfully, an indoor space and a little creativity go a long way in keeping children active twelve months a year.

Just in time for winter, Childhood 101 has published a list of indoor activities you can do with your kids. In addition to keeping them entertained (without resorting to screens), many of these activities help develop movement skills that can help children throughout life. Some of them include:

  • Hopscotch: tape a grid to your floor and use a sock in place of a rock (hopping).
  • Cushion islands: spread out cushions on the floor and designate them as “islands” your child must travel between (jumping).
  • Bean bag toss: set up a makeshift target your youngster can use to practise his or her aim (throwing).

You can also be creative in combining aspects of these activities or in making up your own.

And don’t worry: these aren’t intended to destroy the house.

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