Jump into action with these fun moves

Jump into action with these fun moves

Jump in the pool. Jump up for joy. Jump at the opportunity. Any way you slice it, jumping is fun and positive and full of energy. Jumping also happens to be a skill essential to childhood play.

When a child learns to jump, dozens of sports and activities become available to them. Skating, swimming, and baseball are just some of the ways to let this skill shine, but jumping is as multi-dimensional as the games it’s played in.

To illustrate just how versatile jumping is, we’ve searched some silly GIFs that showcase one of our favourite skills.

Go ahead, jump in:

Two-feet jump


One-foot jump


Jump + 360° spin


Jump up


Jump over

Jump out of the way


Jumping Jack

Jump and catch


Jump rope

As you can see, jumping is more than just ups and downs. It’s an important skill for kids to develop to guarantee a lifetime of fun! Thanks to GIPHY for the images!

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