Schools in India are introducing physical literacy to the curriculum next year

Schools in India are introducing physical literacy to the curriculum next year

The concept of physical literacy and the value it brings to the long-term health of children is growing in popularity across the world.

As reported in The Hindu, one of India’s leading national daily newspapers, the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, India, is all set to make a change in the upcoming academic year by introducing physical literacy as part of the school curriculum.

A significant change in a state of more than 50 million people, this new addition to the curriculum will be rolled out in all public and privately-run schools in the state.

Growing up in India, Yoga and PT (Physical Training) used to form a part of the daily school curriculum. Over the years, I’ve seen this focus shift to achieving academic excellence, and with limited space available for schools in urban areas, time dedicated to outdoor play has been decreasing.

To help children be active for life, and to develop physical literacy at a young age, the government of the state of Andhra Pradesh plans to “…integrate sports, education, health, and recreation through formalized research-driven knowledge. This means that along with competing in other subjects, students will now be expected to be equipped with sound physical literacy as well.”

This plan has already been set in motion and physical education teachers from across the State are being trained to help deliver the new components of physical literacy that are being added to the academic curriculum.

“Introduction of this course in the school curriculum is aimed at helping children develop into all-round personalities,” said Commissioner, School Education, K. Sandhya Rani.

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful addition to the academic curriculum in Canada? I know my kids’ Phys Ed classes would greatly benefit from this holistic approach.

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