A global campaign is urging teachers and parents to get kids outside

Editor’s note: this article has been updated with the 2017 dates.

Outdoor Classroom Day, a global campaign from London, England, is encouraging teachers and parents everywhere to support outdoor learning.

If outdoor play and education matters to you, join others around the world on May 18.

It’s effortless to get involved, regardless of whether you’re a teacher, parent, or active organization. You can share the spirit using the power of social media, start a conversation with your child’s school community, or draw inspiration from #OutdoorClassroomDay lesson plans and topic ideas.

Spending time playing and learning outdoors is essential for a happy childhood and helps children learn essential skills for the future. In fact, basic movement skills like running, jumping and climbing can be developed with a sense of adventure and in the natural environment.

A class in the grass sounds like a day well spent!


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