10 things I want my children to know, or, you know, not

10 things I want my children to know, or, you know, not

The preponderance of internet lists written by parents telling their children things they need to know hasn’t escaped my radar. Do this, don’t do that. Go here. Be this. Say that. So many well-intentioned words of advice for children who may never need them. Or want them. Or even read them, for that matter.

But in keeping up with the world, I have some advice for my children, too. I wouldn’t want them to grow up thinking their mama didn’t care enough to tell them what to do. May they read it and heed it, for I think it will carry them far.

  1. Go to university. Or don’t.
  2. Wake up every morning knowing that today is the day you could change the world. Or, you know, sleep in and don’t worry about it.
  3. Play an instrument. Only if you like the idea of playing an instrument, though. Because if you don’t like the idea and you do it anyway? Man, that would be a lot of wasted hours.
  4. There will be people in the world who will judge you. Don’t let them. Unless you like being judged. Or don’t care. In which case, cool.
  5. Dance like no one is watching. Or maybe dance like everyone is watching. Either way, dance. But if you don’t like dancing, don’t dance at all.
  6. Marry for love. Unless you don’t believe in marriage. In which case, getting married would probably be a silly option, so you could maybe just live with the guy. Or girl. Or, you know, whoever.
  7. Dress like you mean business. Because people’s first impressions will be of your clothes and those people are totally the kind of people you want to be friends with. Oh, wait…
  8. Do what makes you happy.
  9. Follow your dreams. Not mine.
  10. Be you. The rest will follow.

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