Active for Life is partnering with bestselling parenting author Ann Douglas

Active for Life is thrilled to announce a new content partnership with Ann Douglas, bestselling parenting author and the weekend parenting columnist for CBC Radio. Ann is the creator of The Mother of All Book series and the author of Parenting Through the Storm. In February 2019, HarperCollins Canada will publish her latest book, Happy Parents, Happy Kids.

Together with Ann we invite you to co-create this online space that will allow us all to grow together and along side our children.

In this space we will share personal stories (ours and yours), excerpts from Ann’s new book, Happy Parents, Happy Kids, research, encouragement, insights and ideas, and more.

The goal is to support and inspire all parents to raise physically literate families in a way that takes the shame, guilt, and mystery out of the equation.

The basis for this new space is compassion and vision. Having compassion for yourself while holding the vision of being a physically literate family is the recipe for making activity part of your life in a sustainable, human way. We’ll support you, cheer you on, coach you, and share loads of resources.

So please join us as we welcome the new year and with it a new opportunity to surround yourself with other people who are also ready to take a more human approach to moving and being active.

Mark your calendar for the first post coming December 31 and then every week in January.

One response to “Active for Life is partnering with bestselling parenting author Ann Douglas

  1. I already read many of her books. she is only writer who covers physical health and family relationship in one place. so, that’t why I like her book

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