Kids have more fun and become better athletes when they develop physical literacy. These articles provide insight and advice to parents and coaches on promoting physical literacy in children’s baseball:

Scrub baseball

It’s baseball season and there’s no better time to get outside with a bat and ball and your kids. You don’t need to be part of a league to play. Scrub baseball is fun with as few as six players. Just grab some friends, neighbours or cousins and get out to your local park. This … Continued

A girl smiles while wearing a sock on each hand.

6 active games kids can play with a pair of socks

Editor’s note: This article was updated on November 21, 2021. Here are a few simple games with sock balls that kids can play indoors with limited space and “equipment”—including single-player games kids can enjoy even when a parent or sibling isn’t able to join them. Start by raiding your sock drawer: each of the following … Continued

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