Baseball Canada and Active for Life partner to promote physical literacy

Baseball Canada and Active for Life are combining efforts to let parents know about the importance of physical literacy and long-term athlete development (LTAD).

“Baseball Canada is thrilled to partner with Active for Life to help promote multi-sport participation,” said André Lachance, manager of baseball operations for Baseball Canada, “and all of the mental and physical health benefits that come along with it.”

“Through participation in multi-sport, an athlete will acquire an array of tools that will allow them to achieve success in sport and in everyday life.”

The partnership began last year with the development of postcards that were handed out to parents of young baseball players. A new postcard is planned for this year.

There’s also Active for Life: Baseball, which collects articles about baseball and physical literacy.

“Baseball Canada has been a leader in improving sport programs for kids,” said Richard Monette, editor-in-chief of Active for Life. “The Rally Cap program is a perfect example.”

Baseball Canada also jointly coordinates Challenger Baseball, which lets children with cognitive or physical disabilities enjoy playing the sport.

“We are proud to help Baseball Canada spread the word to parents and the grassroots about their great programs,” said Monette.

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