Dads, here is a parenting resource especially for you

Dads, here is a parenting resource especially for you

It used to be that brands exclusively focused on moms when it came to talking about parenting and cast dads in the role of the inept goof struggling to keep up. But with more paternal leave, equal sharing of household and child-rearing duties, and an increase in stay-at-home dads, the times they are a-changin’. And it’s great to see. Advertising is showing signs of catching up with what we all know is a new generation of awesome dads, but it’s still rare to see real-life parenting resources geared towards fathers.

Best Start Resource Centre, by Health Nexus has created Daddy And Me: On The Move, a booklet organized according to the ages and stages of child development. It allows fathers to easily find examples of activities they can use to engage their children as they grow.

The focus is on father-child bonding at its core, but also supports development of all the milestones for kids from birth to age six. This includes everything from reading and outdoor play to rough and tumble fun. The booklet is available to download for free in both English and French.

I had a wonderfully involved father growing up. He taught me to swim, bike, and ski. He showed me how to laugh at myself and to find the positive in a bad situation. Now that I’m a parent myself, I truly recognize how lucky I was and how lucky my daughter is to have a caring, hands-on dad like my husband. Hopefully, Best Start’s initiative will be one of many resources that recognize a fatherhood’s pivotal role in a child’s life.

Image from Health Nexus

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