Kids with disabilities can be active for life

Kids with disabilities can be active for life

Children with disabilities are just like other kids – they want to play. And like other kids, they have the ability to experience the social inclusion, personal satisfaction, and enjoyment that comes with physical activity.

Having a physical disability, visual impairment, intellectual disability, or hearing deficit can be challenging. However, one disability doesn’t negate dozens of other abilities and possibilities for adapted play and physical activity.

Many programs and organizations in Canada recognize this fact. They are providing excellent opportunities for children with disabilities to experience adapted play, physical activity, and physical literacy in a broad array of contexts ranging from schools and clubs to health and recreation settings.

Opportunities are important. Aside from the most severe instances, kids with disabilities can make important gains in physical literacy, and these gains will help them to live with greater independence, self esteem, and happiness throughout their lives.

Active for Life encourages parents, caregivers, educators, and healthcare professionals to check out the links below. Together, we can help kids with disabilities to enjoy a bigger world with physical literacy.

Active for Life disabilities links

These links will connect you with excellent programs, stories, and media on physical literacy for kids with disabilities:

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