Nike’s FIFA Women’s World Cup ad encourages girls to dream big

Nike’s FIFA Women’s World Cup ad encourages girls to dream big

Don’t change your dream. Change the world.

That’s the messaging behind Nike’s newest ad, highlighting girls and the game of soccer.

In the three-minute video, a young female player realizes her potential by running alongside the game’s biggest names. From shooting a video game cover with Brazil’s Andressa Alves to coaching alongside former English footballer Alex Scott, the timely advertisement encourages girls to dream further.

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It’s no coincidence, then, that Nike’s girl power video made its debut days before the kickoff of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France. The international tournament features world-class athletes from 24 countries, all capable of inspiring the next soccer star.

While the championship still stands to be settled, all eyes are on the women’s game and Active for Life is here for it. Getting girls more active is one of our goals and we think it should be one of yours too.

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