Active for Life: Raising active girls

Parents, teachers, coaches, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, it’s time to show up for the girls in your lives!

It’s time to ensure that they get every opportunity to move and play, to take risks, to try new things, and to develop a love of movement. Because not only do we have an inactivity crisis among the children in our country, within that crisis we have a gender gap. Our girls are not moving as much as our boys and that puts them at a disadvantage now and into their future.

We all want girls to grow up to be happy, healthy, and successful in their academic and professional endeavours. Physical literacy helps with all those things and it starts young.

Below are the key articles about girls and physical literacy, girls and physical activity, and girls and sport.

active-girl-rope-bridgeFight gender stereotypes and raise active girls

Gender stereotypes about the physical abilities of girls and boys should not prevent girls from developing movement skills and physical literacy.

mother-daughter-running_surf_6126 secrets to raising confident and active girls

These practical ideas can help girls develop the physical literacy skills and confidence they’ll need to participate and excel in sports and activities throughout their lives.

girl-playground-poleAre we raising our girls to be afraid

Adventurous play is good for children and especially important for female self-esteem. Discouraging girls from physical challenges runs the risk of undermining their skills and their confidence.

girls-activities_climbingGirls activity programs: Don’t let your daughter get shortchanged

To ensure that young girls receive the same development opportunities as boys, choose programs with trained instructors who are teaching fundamental movement skills and creating positive learning environments based on fun and engaging activities.

Jogging Through the Woods8 ways to keep your daughter from ever saying ‘I suck at sports’

Here are some ways to keep your kids feeling positive about being active and playing whatever sports they love, no matter what societal or peer messages they encounter.

fit-girl-leapingOne way to help girls avoid body issues: function over form

Wouldn’t it be great if girls could love themselves and their bodies for the same reasons they did when they were small; because they could skate a perfect figure 8, scale the school fence, and win at Red Rover?

SCARBOROUGH -- Gabriela Estrada winner of the Urban Hero award in the sports category posed for a photo. Nov 5, 2015.

AfL Role Model Gaby Estrada inspires girls to be active

As a personal trainer and coach, Gaby Estrada aims to redefine what it means to be a female athlete, and to engage and inspire as many girls as possible to get moving and be active.

fast-female-summit_612Raising active girls: 4 lessons from Fast and Female Summit

During a day spent with strong and inspiring Canadian female athletes, who shared their love of sports and activity with Canada’s young girls, this mom learned four important things.

Chandra_Fast_FuriousFast and Female: empowering Canadian girls to be active for life

Fast and Female works with female Olympic athletes and top female athletes in a variety of sports to offer non-competitive, fun programs for girls, as well as educational programs for parents and coaches.

female-exec-soccer-ballTeam sports for girls brings success on and off the field

A 2-year study conducted by the University of Wollengong in Australia has shown that girls (and boys) who participate in team sports have an increased quality of life relating to their physiological, social, emotional, and school functioning.

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