Why it’s important to say no to summer ice hockey

Why it’s important to say no to summer ice hockey

Here in Canada, our passion for hockey is sometimes so intense it can cause us to forget that there’s a whole world of sports for us to play and enjoy. That reminder is pretty important at this time of year, especially for those parents who are thinking about getting their kids out on the ice, and in shape for the upcoming season.

Well, drop those pucks and listen up: the Ontario Minor Hockey Association is telling you to put those skates away this summer, and encouraging you to find other sports and activities to keep your kids busy and develop their physical literacy.

The association isn’t mincing words:

The best gift you give your children this summer is the time, space and permission to play and allow them to be kids. By doing so you will provide them with many opportunities to enhance their physical literacy which in turn will improve their performance on the ice and help them become less prone to injuries.

Yes, as much as it may shock your Canadian heart, give your kids a break from hockey. There are many other sports and activities that help kids get better at hockey, but just letting your kids run around, be crazy, do eye-covering worthy climbing, and racing and being kids is just as beneficial.

And if you’re still feeling just a little less patriotic, then go ahead and play some road hockey with your kids. Just remember, even though we Canucks like to say sorry, there’s nothing to apologize for; you’re doing everything right for your kids.

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