Playbooks provide 12 days of active fun for kids, parents, and caregivers

Playbooks provide 12 days of active fun for kids, parents, and caregivers

Plenty of parents appreciate the fact that their kids need to be active, and many also understand that playing with your children is a good way to get them engaged in active play and developing skills. The tough part for many parents and caregivers is knowing how to get started.

Active for Life is helping parents and caregivers with the new AfL Playbooks. These are sets of curated games and activities that guide parents, caregivers, and their kids in fun active play while developing fundamental skills such as throwing, catching, running, skipping, and jumping.

There are Playbooks for three age groups: 3-5 years, 5-8 years, and 8-12 years. Each playbook provides simple descriptions for 12 games and activities that parents and caregivers can enjoy with children in informal play settings, addressing a diversity of fundamental skills that are transferable to a wide variety of play activities and sports.

The Playbooks suggest scheduling regular play into family life. The 12 activities can be played over 12 consecutive days, or one activity can be played every 2-3 days when time allows. The exact frequency is not the most important consideration: the main goal is to make play a regular family habit, however it fits into the household schedule.

Are you ready to get started developing movement skills with your kids? Take a minute to check out the AfL Playbooks in our Resources section now.

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