AfL Playbook

12 days of active fun for kids, parents, and caregivers

Are you ready to have fun developing movement skills with your child? Active for Life has created a set of games and activities for you to play together. Simply select your child’s age range below to get started.

Get started by choosing the proper age range

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Some helpful tips:

  1. Make a regular time to play with your child each day, or look ahead at your calendar and set aside play times.
  2. Play the following 12 activities over 12 consecutive days, or play one activity every 2-3 days, or squeeze all 12 activities into 4-6 days—it’s your choice.
  3. Each activity only requires 10-15 minutes, but you are welcome to play longer if you want!
  4. Don’t criticize your child’s performance, and don’t coach too much. Keep it playful and fun!

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